Roofing Works

We are specialists in building new roofs. and undertaking large and small repairs. we have a wealth of experience to solve all your roofing problems and requirements.

We have specialists in the application of high quality roofing products from many leading manufacturers.

No matter what type of property you have or what type of roofing solution you require, our team will ensure a high quality application of the most suitable roofing solution to suit your specific needs, always ensuring our high standards are consistently maintained.

We install quality traditional and contemporary roofs using materials including architectural metal, tiles, slate, felt, asphalt, fibre glass and green roofing systems, we also offer an extensive range of flat roofing solutions including felt and fibre glass membranes.

  • Fibre Glass Systems
  • Slate
  • Tiling
  • Leading
  • Felt
  • Rhepanol Systems
  • Ashalt
  • Chimneys
  • Coping Stones
  • Capping
  • Guttering
  • Fascia Boards
  • Soffits

Specialising in all aspects of roofing repair and renovation

London based roofing company who has been in the business over 10-years. We specialise in all areas of roof installation, roof repair, roof replacement and damage restoration.
As a locally owned and operated roofing company, we are fully licensed and insured in a wide range of roofing services and are able to work on all different types of roofing material.

Whether you’re in need of residential roofing, commercial roofing, or industrial roofing, we are here for you. We are a group of roofing experts that gets the job done right the first time.

Why Choose London Elite Trades

Roofing Experience – You need your roof repaired from recent adverse weather conditions and you want to use a company that knows how to work with insurance companies. Due to our experience, we are very familiar with insurance companies, and also offer insurance claims assistance.

Quality Workmanship – We understand the importance of quality workmanship. The term ‘quality’ is often loosely thrown around, but we are different. The workmanship that we put into every job is the same workmanship that we would expect on our personal homes.

Hassle-Free and No Worries – Getting your roof repaired shouldn’t be stressful, and shouldn’t make you worry at all. We are committed to making the roof replacement process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Residential services

Whether you need a new roof on your existing home, or you are re-roofing to include a room addition, we are the experts in the field. Our licensed, insured and experienced roofers will work quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product is exactly what you expected. We keep up to date on all local building codes and permit requirements, so you can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time.

Our line of high-quality roofing materials includes many “favourites”:

  • Asphalt Shingles – these are a favourite due to its cost-to-quality ratio, and we have these available in many different colours and styles
  • Cedar Shakes – we have cedar shakes and other wood shingles that give a natural look which increases the beauty and value of your home
  • Tile – we have tile in clay, concrete, and in a variety of dramatic architectural styles
  • Metal Roofing – great for longevity and fire resistance, can be flat or standing seam, copper, or zinc.
  • Natural Slate in a variety of thickness and colours

Commercial Roofing Experts

We provide high quality commercial roofing repair and restoration for apartment buildings, airports and other transport hubs, Government buildings, churches, industrial estates, office buildings, schools and warehouses.

Whether you have a pitched roof, low slope roof, or flat roof, we’re qualified to help you with the best commercial roof repair or commercial roof replacement that you need.

Have storm damage to your commercial property? We have two experts that have been working just with commercial building owners to ensure their insurance company properly compensates them for storm damage. Do not trust your commercial roofing to anyone else.

Price estimates and quotes

We offer free estimates on all your specific roofing needs, so if you need some accuracy, it’s always best to simply set up an appointment; however, sometimes you’re just looking for a place to start budgeting for a new roof.  We can help you with that, too!

Ball park figures

We often receive calls asking for a “ballpark” cost for repairs or re-roofs. Ballpark pricing is very difficult to do in the roofing industry, as it is in any trade where every job is unique. In order to arrive at a close-enough estimate without actually viewing the roof in question, we must have, at a minimum, as much of the information listed below as possible:

  • Location of the property.
  • General scope of the work (repair, new construction, re-roof, for example.).
  • Specific scope of the work (leak around the skylight, installation of drip edge along the eave, re-flashing a vent, etc.).
  • Size of the roof in square feet or square metres. One square is an area that is 10 feet by 10 feet or 100 square feet.
  • Pitch of the roof (is it easily walked or too steep to walk?).
  • Current material on the roof.
  • Number of layers of current material.
  • Flat or low-slope.
  • Availability of access to the property (can a delivery truck load the roof or will the tear-off and new materials have to be hand carried from a ground-drop location?).
  • Geometric design of the roof (or, as we say in the trade, how “cut up” is it; meaning are there lots of peaks, valleys, skylights, odd geometric shapes like turrets and cupolas?).
  • Number of stories or height of roof from the ground.
  • Desired system to replace the old.
  • Other, outside influences on costs are:
  • Extraneous items attached to the roof (solar panels, satellite dishes, antennas, lightning rods, Santa and his reindeer, swamp coolers.).
  • Stucco walls and chimney or siding.
  • Original decking type (is the decking/sheathing made of wood planks or big sheets of plywood).
  • Special city or county building codes that may apply.


Facts are, if any one or more of the above items is left out, it can drastically affect the cost of a roof. Therefore, most ballpark estimates will be grossly inaccurate. Since it costs you nothing to receive a bid if you live within the greater Colorado Springs area, it is to your advantage to have us come out and offer an accurate proposal for the work. If you’re still just thinking about the project and are in no hurry, we’re still happy to meet you and answer your questions. Just call the office and schedule an appointment.

If you are a potential buyer of a property and you want to know what the costs would be to re-roof or repair the property, we will meet with you for a bid; however, we will need approval from the current owner, or owner’s Realtor, to get on the roof.

Our Mission Is Your Roof!


Much confusion exists in the roofing industry about ventilation.  You often hear the term “roof ventilation,” but that term is inaccurate.  More properly, the term is “attic ventilation.”  Your roof is the structure above the trusses on wood-framed roofs, or substrate decking on flat roofs, which are designed by the architect/engineer prior to construction and which remain no matter how many new roof systems come and go

Proper ventilation, however, is very important to your property. Precisely speaking, roofs are not vented. It is the space between the ceiling and the bottom of the roof decking which is vented.  The attic ventilation system is just that, a system. It encompasses a number of factors:

  • The amount of space in the attic
  • The depth and type of insulation
  • The lineal feet and width of the soffet
  • The type, style and number of roof vents.

When all of these elements are properly engineered, the attic ventilation system is said to be “balanced.”

A balanced system

The responsibility for engineering and building a balanced attic ventilation system is that of the original building engineer and the general contractor who built the edifice. It must be built to the code of that day. Generally speaking, as long as the system created at the initial building stays in its original condition, it will vent the attic properly. However, efforts such as:

  • Adding additional insulation that covers up soffet vents
  • Installing a whole-house humidifier
  • Building an addition which changes the amount of area to be ventilated
  • Other activities that alter the space


change the factors of the attic ventilation system, which can cause problems such as

  • Condensation build-up in the attic which can drip through the ceiling and down the exterior walls in the winter
  • Heat build-up on the summer, keeping the rest of the structure hot
  • Ice damming at the eaves.

Often, homeowners, and now even some insurance companies, are requiring additional roof vents to be installed at the installation of a new roof.

Simply installing additional roof vents does not constitute “balancing” the system. It is an inaccurate assumption that additional roof vents “fix” any problems with the attic ventilation system.

Roof assessments

While roofing companies will compete for needed re-roofs and repairs by offering free estimates and proposals, few will do the inspection work of your insurance company to see whether your roof is damaged or not without charging a fee. As with any service professional, inspections and assessments without the opportunity to win a contract for work have direct, unrecoverable costs to the contractor.

If your building is in an area that has recently had weather damage, we will happily stop by to check your roof at no cost to you. Just give us a call with your information, and we’ll keep it close to the schedule. When the opportunity arises, we’ll add your property to the schedule and give you a call to let you know what day our representative will be there.

Selling property

Or maybe you are selling your property and wish to know the condition of your roof in anticipation of the negotiation process with buyers.  You may want to have a licensed, professional roofer inspect your roof and provide you with a 5-year certification document to have ready for your prospective buyers.

Assessments and certifications, rendered after a thorough inspection, are professional opinions based on our many combined years of installing and repairing nearly every type of roofing system and by keeping current with products, materials and building code requirements.  They are not, however, warranties or guarantees on the performance of the roof.  A roof can look perfect from above but have hidden installation errors underneath that can give out at any time.  Unless the inspecting roofer was also the installer, there’s no way for him to know exactly what’s under the shingles.

We provide professional assessments and reports, as well. If you need a presentation-quality report on the condition of your roof, we will take pictures, assess problems and strengths.

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