Electrical Services Wandsworth

Wandsworth is typical London through and through, from the delightful terraced house of Dulka Road to the impressive detached homes of Rodway Road and everywhere in between. London Elite Traders have been performing all manner of construction, demolition and renovation work in Wandsworth for years and it’s one of our favourite communities for its easy going atmosphere and mix of old and new structures. When you need a building contractor in Wandsworth you won’t find one better than London Elite Trades.

Unmatched Experience

Each person that works for London Elite Trades has been specifically chosen for the quality of their work and their dedication to the common cause of customer satisfaction. As such our commercial developments, building developments, domestic refurbishments, loft conversions and extensions are finished to the highest industry standards. Our craftsmen set the bar for others to clear and few do. So whether you’re in need of masonry work, roofing services, groundworks, plumbing services, electrical services, drainage help in the back yard or damp proofing for the basement we have you covered.

Customer Service is our M.O.

Customer service has been under assault in recent years as companies in all sectors of the economy have scaled back to increase margins. As a family-owned company however we’re not beholden to shareholder pressure and are free to chart our own course. For us, customer service is not a luxury it’s a way of life, which is why we have so many satisfied customers in Wandsworth and right across Greater London.

Our customers know that the loft conversion we perform for them will live up to their highest expectations and that they’ll be kept in the decision making loop from start to finish. It’s the same with all of our refurbishment projects as well. But we’re not just fixated on the glamour jobs. If you need demolition works, structural works or underpinning works you can rest assured we bring the same attention to detail to each and every one of them.

Get in Touch

The good people of Wandsworth have come to trust London Elite Traders because they’ve seen our work in the homes and businesses around them and have talked to their neighbours who recommended us. We appreciate their business and their faith in us and work hard to deserve it every day. The next time you want to be absolutely certain the job will get done right and on time call London Elite Trades. We’re here to help.