House Extensions Hackney

London Elite Traders is the Hackney area’s go-to building contractor for every type of domestic refurbishments, loft conversions, extensions, commercial developments, building developments and more. We set bar for quality in the Hackney building services industry. Whether you’re developing new housing estates along the River Thames, extending your home upward an extra storey or have an older home or commercial building that needs a helping hand, Stonehall is the company more Hackney residents call than any other.

Putting Our Expertise to Work for You

Quality construction, demolition and renovation start with quality planning. Our designers and engineers are some of the brightest and best in Greater London, but they’re not here to tell you what you want. They’re here to listen carefully to what you’re telling them and then devise a way to bring your ideas to life. Once the process is underway your input will be sought at every stage so that things are always moving in the right direction.

The size of the project is irrelevant as we extend the same courtesy and attention to each of our clients. It’s just as important to us that the underpinning work we’re doing on Filey Avenue goes as smoothly as the demolition project on Victoria Grove or the office building we’re renovating on Pitfield Street. So whether you need roofing, drainage, plumbing services, electrical services, damp proofing, masonry or groundworks you needn’t worry that we give priority to one type of work over another.

Answering the Call in Hackney

The Hackney area has been inhabited continuously since the Iron Age and as such there are all manner of structures in the borough and a diverse population ranging from aristocratic to working class. With a generally older housing stock, Hackney presents unique challenges for the builders and renovation experts at Stonehall and we rise to the occasion time and again.

Some of our Hackney clients require demolition works to clear a lot for new construction, others require structural works to ensure an historic home does not succumb to the ravages of time and still others underpinning works to shore up foundations in the wake of flooding or because damage has been discovered in the foundation walls.

The Right Choice in Hackney

London Elite Traders Limited is the right company to call for all your construction-related projects. We have the talent and resources to handle any size job and the experience to see it through to a successful conclusion.