Roofing Repair Harrow

London Elite Traders Limited is Harrow’s number 1 solution for construction problems large and small. We have years of experience in Harrow and have proudly served its people and businesses while also participating in the regeneration of the area. We’re a company that expects the best from our people because we believe there is simply no viable substitute for doing things right the first time. As a result our customers know that when they call us they’ll get the best, most dependable building contractor in the borough.

Don’t Settle for Second-Rate

When it comes to the creation of new residential or commercial structures an imaginative, highly trained design team is a must. And that’s exactly what we have at London Elite Trades. Our designers take a back seat to no one and they’re supported in their efforts by our engineers, who’ve never met a challenge they didn’t like. Commercial developments, building developments, domestic refurbishments, extensions, loft conversions and more are all in a day’s work for the designers and engineers at London Elite Trades.

Some companies claim to be able to handle large-scale projects but either fall apart when the pressure is on or simply subcontract their work out to others. That’s not us. We relish large scale projects regardless of complexity and have the in-house wherewithal to handle roofing, masonry, drainage, damp proofing, plumbing services, electrical services, groundworks and more.

Proudly Serving the Borough of Harrow

From Alexandra Avenue to Wood Lane, London Elite Trades knows Harrow, its ins and outs, its people and its culture. We strive to provide the best, most reasonably priced building services possible because we know how hard our clients work for their money. No detail escapes the keen eye of our craftsmen and no job is ever finished until you say it is. That includes demolition works, underpinning works and structural works as well.

The Building Services you need are Just a Phone Call Away

Our craftsmen uphold all the trademarks of traditional, time honoured building techniques. Each is well versed in the building styles, historical idiosyncrasies and geographical considerations of Harrow so that their work meshes seamlessly with your structure’s existing exterior and interior decor.

Finding a reliable, affordable building services company in Harrow is not difficult if you know where to look. When it comes time to build, modify or even demolish your home or business, call London Elite Traders and put yourself on the path to a successful outcome.