We can eclipse today’s past mistakes and invest in the promise, peace and growth rates of the solar-hydrogen era and a free-energy future, rather than stealing the capital from future generations – which belongs to them.

We also need to show proactive compassion and understanding to the only earth we know. Renewable energy is so called because it means that the source of fuel we use can be renewed or sustained over time. Most of the world is currently dependent on fossil fuels that can never be renewed once they are consumed.

Worse still, the more that are burned the more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere. This in turn affects the ability of the ozone layer to shield us from the sun that means the earth’s temperature heats up creating erratic weather patterns.

No matter how dependent our current lifestyles are on fossil fuels we have to face up to the fact that they are already in the decline phase of production and may run out by current estimates as early as thirty years.

Its no surprise then that interest in renewables has started to take off on a much larger scale since the turn of this century. No one savours the prospect of having to survive without power and live without all the useful items we have come to depend on, especially as they get older! Below are just some of the basic changes you can make today to make your house a more sustainable and earth-friendly piece of architecture.