London Elite Trades are dedicated to providing clients with sustainable building solutions, across the Greater London area.

Our planners, surveyors and engineers aim to deliver your building or construction project within stringent cost limits. However, our commitment to profitability is beaten only by our desire to provide sustainable building solutions, to all manner of projects.

As part of the UK Government’s 2025 strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, London Elite Trades offer sustainable build management solutions, across the whole Greater London area. By choosing a strategy of sustainable construction, London Elite Trades aim to leave their mark for generations to come.

Sustainable building, development and construction encompasses a number of key principles, which aim to maximise the reduction of our carbon footprint. The process beings prior even to planning and culminates with even maintaining indoor air quality. These principles control: sustainable building materials, durability, sustainable design, water conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency. At London Elite Trades, our planners, designers, builders and engineers are well-versed in the principles of sustainable construction. Thus, when choosing London Elite Trades, you can rest assured that your project contributes to a better environment. For more information on our approach to sustainable building and construction, contact us today!

Ultimately, we believe it should be everyone’s aim to use renewable and recyclable materials when erecting new buildings. Similarly, we believe firmly in the reduction of energy consumption and waste. At London Elite Trades, we are dedicated to sustainable construction towards a better environment, for generations to come.