Demolition London

As part of the building services that we offer, London Elite Trades provide complete solutions for demolition works, across London and the whole Greater London area.

In fulfilment of legal and environmental obligations, we manage demolition processes from beginning to end. This ranges from enabling works and decommissioning, to demolition and recycling.

With years of experience in demolition, and proven track records in safety and risk management, our demolition experts are trained and equipped to industry-leading standards. London Elite Trades possess extensive experience in conducting both residential demolitions and commercial demolitions. For more information on your demolition project, in London or the Greater London area, contact London Elite Trades today.

• Domestic Demolition
• Recycling

• Enabling Works
• Decommissioning

• Dismantling
• Retained Facades

At London Elite Trades it is our mission to conduct all demolition works while guaranteeing the protection of the environment and preservation of rich architecture. We aim to minimise the use of heavy equipment, employing demolition machinery suited for individual projects’ size and scope.

Furthermore, we aim to recycle all materials, wherever possible. Where necessary, we offer an alternative dismantling service, whereby structures are removed piece-by-piece and retained for future use.

Similarly, using shoring retention schemes, we are able to preserve the original facades of historic building, thereby ensuring they last for years to come.

Enabling works means that we will handle the site preparation that may need to be done before the project can start. Decommissioning is when the items needing taken down and removed are done so in a safe and responsible manner.

This can include tree removal, old buildings brought down and removed, roots removed from the soil, decontamination, adding access routes, fencing, adding disabled ramps or signage. It can also include geotechnical ground investigating, excavating below-ground obstructions, providing security, signage, and decoupling from existing buildings.

For decommissioning, while it varies depending on the project being done, generally it can include noise reduction, traffic safety, erosion prevention and following the safety guidelines. Once the enabling and decommissioning has been completed the second stage of the project can carry on.

London Elite Traders can take in a wide variety of demolition projects due to it having a great amount of experience in the industry. They can take projects that range from large commercial and industrial buildings to small single story residential projects.By using our fleet of demolitions machines and recycling equipment we can meet your every demolition need.

Our experienced team of demolition contractors are often the first ones on sitetoinvestigatethe project demands individually and determine what would be the most cost effective, safe way to get the project completed. Looking at the geotechnical and geo-environmental aspects and soil processing, along with managing ecological issues are just a few of the things out professionals will be doing before the project begins. Considering the importance of a deadline, our contractors understand and will work within the tight time frames often composed while still allowing the projects to continue smoothly.

We can also work on soil bioremediation and stabilization of the chemicals in the ground, groundwater treatment, earthworks and ground improvement. We will also provide for the required asbestos audit that is needed for every structure that is demolished. The asbestos clearance required will be obtained before we begin any of the demolition process.

If the project requires us to work in limited spaces, our skilled and experienced workforce cancomplete the job by using hand, electric and hydraulic tools.On our larger projects weuse a range of plant and mechanical equipment to carry out the works in the most efficient way we can to save time and money.

Domestic demolition is when we take down structures in residential areas, whether it is a home, garage, outbuilding or other kind of structure. Commercial is demolition on commercial structures which could be a business office, high rise or restaurant.

Both have their own specific requirements and problems unique to the type of structure and area, so every job is looked at by our investigators to find and discuss the issues that are related to the current project specifically.

For domestic demolition, we often pull buildings down either manually or by using machinery to push it down. When demoing larger buildings, such as commercial, the use of a crane and larger equipment may be needed.

Sometimes we will use a wrecking ball when dealing with masonry, but as it is not easily controlled, we do not use it often. If any parts of the building can be reused, we will recycle the items to be used elsewhere. The location of the building will determine whether a small or large-scale project will be needed to demolish the structure.

Often times, old historic buildings retain the beauty of times past with the beautiful façades that are still in place all these years later. Also called Facadism, our experts work with you to retain these historic pieces of art, so they may continue to show their beauty for many years yet to come.

While some see this as an ‘architectural sham’, most places prefer to retain the building front, especially when it is a historical building that has beautiful architecture. Overall, saving the façade has become an accepted practice and is no longer considered to be a negative aspect of the remodel or updating of a building.

We do this by supporting the existing structure while the internal or external new layout is being completed. This is usually done by a shoring retention scheme, so the façade can be reattached once the project is completed.

One such scheme is using horizontal shores with a cantilever system to provide support. Another option are props used to support the façade. This can be done internally, externally or both.

If you have such a structure or structures, out experts will talk with you about the various ways the issue can be resolved, and the beauty of the building maintained.

This is different from demolition is that we take the structure apart piece by piece in an effort to retain the items removed for further use. We evaluate the structure and work on a plan to dismantle it is the best way possible to retain as much as we can without damage.

Often this is done for historic buildings, buildings that are in close quarters to other structures, buildings that are to be recycled and in areas where it is too small to fit machinery in. We will discuss with you, the client, your requests and work on a plan to meet your needs if at all possible.

Here at London Elite Trades we recycle everything we can to promote green environments and a healthy earth. Using our fleet of recycling machines, we are able to recycle any material requested or required.