Do you dream of remodelling your existing home into something more modern and functional?

Our talented team of highly motivated professionals can start developing something as small as a sketch or a swatch and transform it into a project that will breathe life into dated rooms and buildings.

London Elite Trades comprises a highly experienced team of architects, designers, planners, site managers, surveyors and skilled trades people. We have an extensive past client list and would love to welcome you to that happy group.

Your new space

Developing the new designs for your property will always be driven by yourself. Our experienced team of designers will work closely with you to establish a brief and theme for the space.

Listed below are some of the many services we offer here at London Elite Trades:

  • Full Refurbishments
  • Window Installations & Repairs
  • Loft Conversions & Extensions
  • Stair Cases
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering & Rendering
  • Tiling & Grouting
  • Flooring
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plumbing & Electrical
  • Bricklaying
  • Structural

Why Refurbish?

People often make the decision to refurbish because of cracked plaster or worn areas due to use, old electric systems, lack of insulation or sound proofing. Updating from an outdated look to a new modern look, replacing inefficient windows or heating and cooling systems are a few more reasons. Whatever your needs, our architects, designers and decorators will help you find the design style and look you want, while incorporating the necessary requirements to make that possible.

Deciding What You Want

Depending on your designing needs, London Elite Trades can refurbish your home or business to update your look, completely remodel an entire area or whole home, or build what you need from the ground up and finish to completion. Before they can start, however, they need to know what you want. What are your needs for the refurbishment?London Elite Trades will come and visit your home or business, walking through the areas with you and discuss the various ideas and issues that may arise during construction. They will also discuss with you what would be required for completion and getting the overall feel for what you want. Once you draw up plans with our designers and architects, the process of building can begin.


The next thing on the list is compliance with the development and building codes. You will also have to consider fire safety. London Elite Trades will work with you and the city to make sure all codes are covered in your refurbishment. Since teamwork and a close relationship between London Elite Trades and the client are essential, direct contact between the two is an important step in obtaining information on the desires of the client and the planning of the project by the contractors.

Division of Duties

London Elite Trades offers full construction service from start to finish, working directly with you throughout all stages of planning and construct. Division of duties is essential in making sure the desired area is being completed by the proper agents. The use of our own specialized contractors is part of what we do to give you the quality work you want and the detail we require.We require all of our employees to be certified, licensed and professionally adept in their area of expertise so you can rest assured your project will be completed on time and within the budget allowed, yet still receiving the quality of work expected.

Insulation Installations

When it is the roof that needs insulated, we will install high quality insulation in your attic, having discussed with the client the types and requirements needed, whether it is loose fill, blanket or foam to name a few. Often, in pre-fabricated elements like doors and walls, there is not any sound-proofing. We will remove the walls and add the proofing discussed, then refinish the wall back to new. Types of sound-proofing are fiberglass insulation blankets, vinyl rubber, and sound panels.

Other issues might be cracked or falling plaster from old walls, deterioration from use and outdated technical installments. We will assess the situations, check for any required codes, talk with you so you understand the changes, then bring in the proper professionals to complete the project. We can do repair work, or we can install new products and replace the entire area that is needing repaired.

Often more support is needed in refurbished homes. Rather than replace the entire area, we oftentimes can shore up or provide more support by adding new framing to the existing structure, therefore saving you money as well as time. Windows can be replaced with more efficient windows, larger windowsor full wall windows. We can work with the area the original window was removed, or close that area and move the window to the new area requested.

For full refurbishment, we would start with removing everything down to the frame, fixing and replacing framing if needed, then work from the inside out, adding insulation if required, run all new electrical and plumbing, sheetrock, adding outlets and lighting, then finishing it off with our designers and decorators.

Staircases can be refurbished by either restoring them to the original look or creating a new look that fits the new design of the home. We can also remove them and replace with a new staircase while keeping the original style.


Any remodeling, redecorating or refurbishing needs you have, we give you our word we can take care of it for you. We pride ourselves in working closely with the home owners, architects, building authorities and insurance companies to ensure every step of the way is done right, by making sure forms are filed, codes are met, and safety procedures have been followed every step of the way. We make sure to leave you with a peace of mind that not only is your project done, it’s done right from start to finish. That is what we all here at London Elite Trades strive to do for you.

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