At London Elite Trades, our groundwork service is focused on extensions and new builds, including foundations, drainage, DPC brickwork and other site areas. Whether you require a basement or need an excavation, we can help.

We can also provide site clearing, car parks or access roads, as well as disabled access ramps, fix bollards and more. We service both domestic or residential properties and commercial properties, offering full services for both.

We will always work to maintain our clients trust and hold ourselves accountable to our clients. We prefer to work closely with our clients to build a relationship and allow them to follow through with us each step to the end of the project. We feel this allows for seamless changes that may come up during construction where we can work directly with the clients.

Having a good relationship with our clients allows for a better work environment, which in turn allows for a quicker turnaround time on the project. This helps to keep costs down and allow for completion within the necessary time frame allowed. If you would like to talk with one of our groundwork professionals or have any questions to ask, please call London Elite Trades and talk with our professionals today.

  • Excavation
  • Foundations
  • Pipe Work
  • Drainage & Sewage
  • Drives
  • Patios
  • Car Parks
  • Site Clearance
  • Concreting Yards & Walls
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Our Promise To You

We believe that good project management is keeping work on track and keeping everybody in the loop. We strive to maintain a high level of communication with our clients to be sure you’re always aware of your project’s current status.

We pride ourselves in working to understand a client’s exact requirements before starting any project. Once we are confident we understand what you want to achieve, we will hand the job over to our project managers’ with the promise to our clients that work is delivered on time and on budget.

With over 10 years of experience, your satisfaction is always guaranteed with London Elite Trades – that’s why we strive to complete your project on time and to your exact specifications. We always carry out all our projects with great pride and honesty to you, the client. All of our staff have been trained as experts in their respective fields so you can rest assured of their abilities to handle all of your project needs.

What We Do

To provide the best possible scheme for your project, our professional Design and Project Management teamstarts every project with value engineering. Our 3D modelling suite is our diamond in the rough by allowing us to design and build your structure ahead of time. This way any problems or issues that arise can be handled before we dig. This willallow it to be finished exactly the way you designed it by our friendly trained and professional workforce.



Car Parks

Concreting Yards & Walls

Drives, Patios and Car Parks

Drives, patios and car parks are a few projects that we can do for you. When looking to put in a drive, patio or car park, the first step is to check for any laws or codes that could alter your idea. Our professionals at London Elite Trades will work with you to ensure all laws and codes are met prior to starting.

Once this has been done, the next option will be what kind of material you want. Some options for a driveway or car park are asphalt, oil and stone, and concrete. Asphalt will give you that nice and smooth blacktop finish, oil and stone will be like gravel but sturdy, and concrete will give you the light gray color while also being low maintenance. For a patio, usually concrete is used. This can also be stained or inlayed with designs.

Each of these materials vary in pricing, so your funds for the project will play an important part in this decision. Asphalt is normally the cheapest and lasts up to 10 years. Concrete has the option of being stained or colored and is usually in the mid-range price and lasts longer than asphalt typically. Our professionals will help you make the best choice for what your needs are, then the initial stages of the project can start.

Concrete Walls and Yards

We also pour concrete walls and yards. This is done along the same lines as the drives, patios and car parks. We can install a gaming courts, concrete walls, and anything else that requires a hard surface yard or wall. Our contractors have years of experience with outstanding professionalism.

As is our policy, we will do the initial walk-through and surveys, making sure we meet any code or legal requirements. We will take care of any site clearing and recycling that is needed, or decommissioning. Once these items have been done, the work on your new yard or walls can start.

When pouring a concrete wall, we first meet with our clients to hear what their ideas are and how that will function. Once we have determined what will work and what we need with will work with out architects to design the walls. We will look at size, shape and where it will go, or placement. Next, we will work on the clearing of the area, both above and below ground if necessary.

Now we decide where the footings will go, lay out and dig them. We then build and install the forms, add rebar and pour the footings and the wall. Once the concrete has cured we create contraction joints and remove the forms. We install the waterproofing system as well as the drainage system. Now we can finish the wall as desired.

Decorative Ideas

The nice thing about using concrete is that there are decorative options that can be used to dress it up. There are stamps, sponges for a stucco look, and apply stains or colors.
Another option for concrete walls are layering and embedding. Layering involves using different colors of concrete in layers to form a multicolored layering look. An idea would be to start with a lighter layer, then a darker layer, then another lighter layer and repeating as needed until done.
Embedding is when you take various objects and embed them in concrete before it cures. For a wall, you could embed glass beads, natural items like stones or press the image of leaves into the concrete to give it a natural look. You could add ribbons of glass or even glass bottles to provide a colorful option to a plain concrete look. The ideas are endless, and our designers can help with ideas for your concrete wall decorations if that is desired.

Designer Concrete Ideas

Other ideas for concrete is designer concrete. This is when you use molds and stains that make your concrete look like something else, say stone or brick. This is done by setting the initial form for the concrete pour, then inserting the decorative form inside that. We pour as we normally would, but with the decorative lining inside. Once cured, the lining is removed, and the wall is stained to made to look like idea of choice: rocks, brick, etc. This does not affect the structural integrity of the wall and can make an otherwise drab wall look fun and interesting. Talk with our designers and they can help you find an idea that works for you.

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