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Do you need the inside of your home refinished or the interior of a newly constructed commercial complex rendered? The London Elite Trades team of plasterers are available for all your plastering and rendering requirements.

We like to provide a start to finish managment system with our team of specialists; with the goal being to exceed our client’s expectations. We do this by always striving for higher standards than our competitors, completing jobs under budget and by using only the best materials and fixings.

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What our customers’ say

I required some remedial works to be done to my house in a short time frame. London Elite Trades were extremely professional, responsive and customer service at the forefront of everything they did. The work was executed quickly from the point I said yes, quality work and completed before planned date . I would highly recommend them and will certainly use them for any future work that I have.
We called for an emergency plastering job having been let down by our previous builder. London Elite Trades were quick to price the project and the work was superb. Thanks again.
Ricardo D. - Balham SW12
Just a quick note to say thank you to James and the team at London Elite Trades, we are very happy with the work and the room is looking so much better now.
Susan R. - Belsize Park NW3

What That Means For You


Drywall is made up of calcium sulfate dihydrate. It can be with additives or without additives. It is most commonly pressed between a facer and a backer. When working with drywall, there are a few ways it can be done. We can do a total replacement giving you all-new sheetrock and therefore a new wall, repair only where needed or patch smaller areas that have cracked or has small openings. To do a total repair, the old wall covering will be removed to the frame of the wall. If needed, at that time we will string new wiring and update or add plumbing and install outlets, switches and insulation.

Once the interior of the wall is completed we will then install new sheetrock to the frame, building a new outer wall. After that is completed, we will join the seams between the sheets with drywall ‘mud’ and tape and let it dry. Once dry, another layer of mud is added and allowed to dry a second time. After that dries it is sanded down to a smooth finish where it is then ready for painting or coverings.

A repair and patch are much smaller projects. We only remove the area needing repaired and marry the new piece of sheetrock to the original area using drywall ‘mud’ and tape, whether it is an entire new sheet or just a small piece. Often small areas like around a light switch or an outlet, or damage done by a doorknob are the only areas needing repaired. Replacing only the area damaged will save lots of money rather than spending money for replacing the whole sheet or wall.

Rendering and Pre-Colored Rendering

Rendering is when wet cement and sand are smoothed onto a wall with a trowel. After cleaning the wall with a brush or broom, the cement is mixed and applied to the wall in a thin coat from the bottom up. It is somewhere around 8-20mm thick. After it has dried for 15-20 minutes, the wall is splashed with fresh water and a scratch tool is ran lightly over the wall. In an hour or two, you will apply the second coat of rendering. This is then gone over vertically and horizontally very lightly, ensuring it is flat.

This is the same process for Pre-Colored rendering, except it will already have the color you want and will not need to be painted.


Coving is essentially forming a concave surface between the wall and the ceiling of a room with a material. Molding is most often used. It is set up against the wall and the ceiling, and most often glued into place instead of nailed. Coving is not to be confused with Cornice. Coving molding is uniform in profile, meaning if it goes 4” across the ceiling, it will go 4” down the wall. It will have a simpler design than a cornice does and is usually in the shape of a ‘C’.

Cornice is most often more ornate and much less uniform like coving. It can run 8” across the ceiling while only 3” down the wall. It can be very complex with different ranges of patterns. Cornice also can include corner moldings that are ornate. Cornice can come in a wide variety of sizes and materials:


Refurbishing is taking what you already have and recreating it into something new. Either by sanding it down and repainting or finishing it with a varnish. If there is furniture you want to use but it needs an update, we can do that for you. We can refurbish whole homes or just one room, or whatever your need is. Please see our Domestic Refurbishments page for more information on refurbishing.


Plastering is a lot like rendering, except it is with a plaster mix instead of cement and sand. You spread an initial layer of finishing plaster onto the wall and let it dry for a few minutes. Then follow it up with a second layer of plaster which is the final layer, ensuring it is smooth.

Here at London Elite Trades we take care of both residential and commercial buildings, and will provide you with a professional initial assessment, follow through of the project and a final report once the project is completed. We look forward to working with you.

We Offer

Paper Covered Gypsum of Plaster
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