By working closely with you we aim to deliver your perfect house or property extension.

We do this by following your instruction and direction every step of the way.

We handle every aspect of the process, our skilled team being responsible for the planning, designing, supplying of materials and overseeing of all our projects. This is the only way we feel we can provide the client with the promise to have the best quality work done within budget and schedule.

Working this way allows us to provide a seamless service for all our clients’ property extension needs. We take a great amount of pride in our work, which requires us to hire only the best in the field. Our professional trades people are highly trained in their area of expertise, while also being motivated by delivering the client’s vision for their new project.

Our various professionals love their work, which includes; architects, designers, planners, quantity surveyors and site managers. All having completed numerous house and flat extensions all over the country.

  • Front Extensions
  • Side Extensions
  • Rear Extensions
  • Loft Extensions
  • Structural Changes
  • Repairs

Why build an extension?

An extension is defined as a new build and structure affixed and connected to the original building or property. There are various types of house extensions you can choose from. We can provide you with any extension you would like, in terms of the interior and exterior detail look. Listed below are a few of the types we offer. If it isn’t listed, please feel free to ask us about what you want, and we can let you know if it is something we can complete for you.

Mechanical & Electrical

Front Extensions

Under Floor Heating Systems

Side Extensions

Rear Extensions

Mechanical & Electrical

Loft Extensions

Under Floor Heating Systems

Structural Changes


Front extensions – If you wish to add to the front of your home or business. A new porch, room, a walkway or a covered entry, or a ramp are just a few of the things you may want to add. Our architects will help you design an extension that isn’t only perfect for your needs, but also complementary to your existing property and surrounding area. Our experienced team will then take care of the extension construction from the ground up, including decorating and finishing, depending on your needs.

Side extensions – An extension is added to the side of the structure. These are usually single storey extensions, although planning can be sought for larger projects. Some examples can be a new dining area, an addition to a current room to make it larger, a music room or a lounge area.

Rear extensions – Usually one or two floors, depending on the planning permission acquired. We have previoulsy built new rear entrances, added a second floor bedroom and created new open plan lounge areas.

Single and Two-Storey Extensions

If certain limits and conditions are met, a single-storey extension will not require an application for planning permission as it is considered a permitted development. The conditions are varied, so we will go over those with you to see if they fit within the boundaries of the type of extension you want. A two-storey rear extension is also considered to be a permitted development, but again, certain conditions and requirements must be met. Some extensions needing approval are:

  • New windows when the opening is altered
  • Extensions that are for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Anything involving new drainage or waste plumbing
  • New heating, chimneys or flues


For an extension, a new foundation will need to be added. If you are adding a strip foundation for supporting the load-bearing walls, the foundations are usually somewhere around 200mm deep and 450mm wide for a single storey build. Two-storey strip foundations are around 200mm deep and 600mm wide. There are specific thicknesses and widths depending on the ground and what you are building. A full foundation will require a survey before you dig to find the actual corners of the foundation. Then excavation to remove the top layer of dirt to the depth of the foundation being used. We install the footings if needed and seal them, so they are protected against moisture. We then pour the foundation to the size required.

What our customers’ say

I hired London Elite Trades to finish a bathroom and storage room extensions. They did an excellent job which was thorough and professional.
London Elite Trades Ltd built a quality 6m extension. Gave very good advice on choice of materials which ultimately led to the extension looking great. Thanks to Chris and his team.
Mr Sohal
Thanks guys for a job well done on our basement/house extension, we are over the moon with it!
Fiona P. - Chislehurst BR7


One thing that will need to be kept in mind is what you will be affecting, depending on where you want your extension and if it is a one storey or a two-storey extension. You will need to consider things like ‘right to light’, easements and views for your neighbours. You do not have the right to infringe on any of those areas with your extension, so we make sure you plan accordingly with these issues in mind.

Another thing to consider is insurance. Will your insurance company cover the extension, and still cover your house if you add one? You will need ‘site insurance’ during the building process as well, which we are fully covered for. Also if you intend to leave the property during the building process there are insurance considerations there, too. Most insurance companies will only provide you will liability coverage, so talk with your insurance first before planning to add on to your home or business. Also, if you are renovating a listed building or a previously empty house, to benefit from VAT relief you must use a VAT registered builder. London Elite Trades are fully covered for all of these types of requirements.


London Elite Trades will also renovate interior lofts for you. Some things to think of when deciding if this is for you are the amount of space you will have, the cost of potential added supports and insulation, and then access to the loft. Building Regulations will also have requirements for renovating lofts that will need to be met, so we will discuss all these aspects with you before design and construction is commenced.

Other considerations are; should the loft be open to the rest of the house or closed, support will usually need to be added with the floor joists and support posts, do you want to have a flat ceiling or follow the angle of the roof and have a vaulted ceiling.

These choices are usually determined by how much room you have available to use. Lofts can have many uses, typically they are used as extra bedrooms, playrooms, study or workspaces and lounges. The only limit is your imagination, we can build custom lofts per your requirements.

Structural Changes and Repairs

Another area London Elite Trades specialises is structural changes and repairs. We will do both removing and rebuilding to repairing damaged areas. Once again, some structural changes will require permission from the local council, so our professionals will be sure to let you know what those are and have them in hand before any construction is started. Repairs can be anything from replacing sheetrock that has been broken to damage done from wear and tear. A member of the team will personally come to meet with you to assess the work and discuss all necessary requirements.

We have a team of structural engineers, planners and architects all with a wealth of experience and ready to assist with your project!